TREATRUSH (TreatRetUsher) is the name of a European research network, which aims at treating and fighting the blindness caused by Usher syndrome. 

What is Usher syndrome?

Usher syndrome is the most frequent cause of monogenic inherited sensory disorder associating profound  deafness and leading to blindness due to the retinal degeneration (retinitis pigmentosa). This dual sensory deficit that affects young individuals is an extreme disability.

Its prevalence is estimated at 1 out of 25,000 individuals. Its mode of transmission is autosomal recessive.

The Consortium

 TREATRUSH is an European research network – Collaborative Project – coordinated by the University Pierre et Marie Curie/Paris VI (UPMC, Prof. Christine Petit, Paris, France). This consortium consists of 11 beneficiaries from 7 different countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland and USA, including 1 private company, 1 patient organisation and 1 organisation exclusively dedicated to the management. The project is supported by the European Commission for a period of 48 months, from February 2010 until January 2014, with a contribution of 6.000.000 €

What we do

Our project gathering scientists and physicians from both the auditory and visual fields aims: To halt the no longer acceptable underdiagnosis of the Usher syndrome. Because, children affected with Usher type I, the most severe form, are usually diagnosed as severely or profoundly deaf only, parents may choose visual/sign language whereas these children would have taken full advantage from an early cochlear implantation. To make these patients benefit from gene replacement therapy in the retina that recently showed tremendous results.


fondation-logoThe project management of the Treatrush Consortium is taken over by The Foundation Voir et Entendre, established in May 2007, when its makers and supporters decided to take up the challenge of sensorial handicaps linked to sight and hearing. For the first time ever a foundation shall support research programs related to both these handicaps, therefore hoping to discover the treatments and technological innovations of the future.

The project management is intended to ensure planning, organizing and monitoring the integrated effort to achieve the technical objectives within TREATRUSH’s constraints of time schedule and budget. The TREATRUSH project is an objective-driven project with a clear and defined structure based on individual work packages that are closely interconnected. Although TREATRUSH is a project with ambitious objectives, therefore an efficient and simple management structure is the best one to support the scientists in achieving their objectives.